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epiCaptiva (Releasing Shortly)

Releasing Shortly
Uniquely differentiates the roles of subject matter experts and knowledge content creators. Designed for the specialist learning and system simulation content developers, this software delivers unprecedented flexibility and speed in creation of documentation, interactive simulations and e-learning content.

-- Combining Epiance' proven capture & authoring technology with new proprietary USB based remote application capture capability.

-- The developer can go to the client site with only the USB remote capture module and capture processes from most windows based applications.

-- Major enterprise systems captured by epiCaptiva include SAP, ORACLE, JAVA, Web,¡¥Green Screens' via emulators etc.

-- Captured processes are then returned to base to finalise the content without the need for additional development software.

-- Multiple USB remote capture drives can be added for larger projects

-- Extensive customisation and editing capabilities

-- Multiple language packs licenses for producing global output are also available.

-- The annually renewable license provides for unlimited distribution of royalty free documentation and learning content.

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Manufacturer: Epiance Software
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