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Netop Vision6 App-Control

Application Control Software for Teachers
Focus students and keep the whole class learning together with App-Control
Netop Vision6 App-Control™ is the Vision6 plug-in that makes it easy to launch and control applications on classroom computers. Save time and keep the whole class learning together by starting the correct application on every student computer at once. Focus student attention with Kiosk mode, locking out games and distractions. Assist students to launch files or open Web pages directly from your computer. End unwanted computer activity by shutting down applications remotely. App-Control ensures your precious class time is devoted to instruction not distractions. There is no easier way to control applications and keep students on task.

Launch applications remotely
Save time and keep the whole class learning together by starting the correct application on every classroom computer at once. Or assist individual students by launching applications for them remotely.

Open and share documents
Start the whole class working on the same assignment at once. Eliminate confusion by opening the correct file or document for students. Share documents with individuals or groups of students.

Close student applications
Remotely exit all applications running on student computers with one click. End unwanted computer activity instantly. Clear all student computers at once in preparation for the next part of the lesson or the next class period.

Kiosk student computers
Focus student computer activity on teacher-selected applications with kiosk mode. No distractions, games or chat: students can only work in the applications chosen by the teacher. Great for tests.

Easy to use
Simple and intuitive visual approach makes it possible to launch applications with ease. No command strings to remember, just click on the arrow next to the familiar name and icon to start an application running on class computers.

Vision6 plug-in
Plugs seamlessly into Vision6 classroom management software, the #1 choice of educators for managing and supervising classroom computers.

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Manufacturer: Netop
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