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Flex PDE 5

Imagine being able to type in your partial differential equations system, add a description of the problem domain, and instantly convert this problem specification into a sophisticated finite element model, including

- Automatic mesh construction
- Unlimited equation complexity
- Unlimited number of simultaneous equations
- Nonlinear equation solver
- One*, two or three space dimensions
- Time dependent, steady-state or eigenvalues.
- Dynamic timestep control
- Dynamic adaptive mesh refinement
- Arbitrary Lagrange/Eulerian moving mesh
- Flexible integrated graphical output
- Export to TecPlot or VisIt for stunning visualizations

Well, you don't have to just imagine. Because that's what FlexPDE will do for you.

Join hundreds of the world's most sophisticated scientists, and take advantage of the most versatile problem-solving environment in existence.

FlexPDE is a self-contained processing system that

analyzes your problem description
symbolically forms Galerkin finite element integrals, derivatives and dependencies
builds a coupling matrix and solves it
plots the results.
It requires no additional software to do the job.
You don't have to buy "modules" to address new fields of study.
FlexPDE does not merely pass a translation on to some other package for processing.
In fact, FlexPDE is frequently the package other applications call for processing.

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Manufacturer: PDE Solutions
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