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Megaputer PolyAnalyst 4.6

PolyAnalyst is the world's most comprehensive and versatile suite of advanced data mining tools. PolyAnalyst incorporates the latest achievements in automated knowledge discovery to analyze both structured and unstructured data. The PolyAnalyst platform offers a complete end-to-end analytical solution - from data importing, cleaning, manipulation, visualization, modeling, scoring, and reporting. The intuitive interface and an online tutorial smooth the learning curve to enable analysts to reach conclusions comfortably and confidently. Over 300 customers worldwide, including several Fortune 100 companies, use PolyAnalyst for automated knowledge discovery to solve complicated business problems and make more informed decisions.

MEGAPUTER Intelligence Inc. announced that it has partnered with Prentice Hall and provided a suite of Megaputer data analysis software tools to accompany two new Prentice Hall books: "Decision Support Systems in the 21st century" and "Modern Data Warehousing, Mining, and Visualization" by Prof. George M. Marakas.
These new Prentice Hall textbooks, aimed at MBA and Information Systems students
This proves that Megaputer has an very important position in both commercial and academic areas.

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Manufacturer: Megaputer
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