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ThinVNC Access Point

ThinVNC Access Point is a Multi-protocol Remote Desktop Gateway that enables access to remote desktops using RDP and ThinVNC protocols, through a single IP address and port. ThinVNC Access Point allows organizations to securely publish PC desktops for remote use in scenarios such as telecommuting, VDI delivery and remote PC administration.

- Whenever required, ThinVNC Access Point grants remote access to every PC Desktop in the LAN/WAN.

- ThinVNC Access Point uses HTTPS and SSL-WebSockets, allowing for secure access using native firewall-friendly protocols and ports.

- ThinVNC Access Point is a multi-protocol gateway, enabling access to PC desktops running RDP, XRDP, ThinVNC and soon, any VNC server.

- ThinVNC Access Point allows you to define users with remote desktops assigments, making the access to the right resource easy and straight-forward to anyone.

- ThinVNC Access Point has a built-in Wake-On-LAN (WOL) capability. When the remote PC is powered off, end-users can remotely turn it on by just clicking on its WOL link, making unnecessary to leave all the PCs permanently powered on.

- ThinVNC Access Point provides a Remote Installation tool. When ThinVNC is wanted or needed on the remote PC, it can be easily installed from the provided web interface, enabling on-demand remote ThinVNC installation.

- ThinVNC Access Point provides an easy-to-use web interface targeted to both administrators and end-users.
- Using ThinVNC Access Point, administrators can manage users and assign them PCs.
- End-users simply see a list with their assigned PCs, showing individual PC state and enabling single-click Remote Desktop access.

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